The Biotechnology graduate programs at the School of Bioresources and Technology are interdisciplinary and innovative international graduate programs aiming to provide students seeking comprehensive training in a variety of biotechnology disciplines in response to the dramatic expansion of biotechnology-oriented industries worldwide. The curriculum is specifically designed to nurture competency, analytical skills as well as professional attributes of the students. We offer M.Sc. in Biotechnology program for B.Sc. graduates and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology for both B.Sc. and M.Sc. graduates.

Master Program

The program prepares students by offering various curriculum plans that give students flexibility to tailor to their background, interests and career goals. Students will be provided with solid training with an advanced scientific education such as molecular biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, environmental sciences, management, pharmaceuticals, etc. for diverse careers in the biotechnology research and industries, business, and in pharmaceutical industries. Four curriculum plans offered which students can choose according to their interests are;

Plan 1 (36 Credits)
11 Compulsory
13 Elective
12 Thesis
Plan 2 (36 Credits)
11 Compulsory
1 Elective
24 Thesis
Plan (37 Credits)
19 Compulsory
12 Elective
6 Thesis
Biotechnology Practice
Plan (39 Credits)
18 Compulsory
15 Elective
6 Thesis

1. Biotechnology Program: concentrating on in-depth research under close supervision of qualified researchers/advisors from diverse research areas as follows;

  • Animal Cell Culture Technology
  • Algal Biotechnology
  • Chemical and Biosensors
  • Fungal Biotechnology
  • Microbial Biodiversity
  • Microbial Fermentation Technology
  • Remediation
  • Waste Utilization and Management
  • Solid State Fermentation and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, etc.

2. Biotechnopreneur Program: emphasizing integrating basic/advanced theory, biotechnology relevant technologies together with business initiatives to develop novel biotechnology products which will create value. This curriculum plan is internship-based and problem-based to meet the needs of the private sector.

3. Biotechnology Practice Program: focusing on applying scientific knowledge to solve problem existing in the real factory environments. Students are therefore exposed to working systems the production as well as R&D facilities. This curriculum plan is a problem-based focusing on problems of the private sector.

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Doctoral Program in Biotechnology

The doctoral program in biotechnology offers advanced training appropriate for careers in academia, government or industry in the field of biotechnology. Students gain a depth of knowledge and competence in their specific research area as well as knowledge in molecular biology, bioprocess engineering and biotechnology through combination of courseworks, laboratory-based research, in-house seminars, national and international conferences participation, etc.

This program brings together more than 13 staff members with diverse research interests and is designed to provide a broad education leading to the Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology.

For Master Candidates
Plan 1 (Dissertation 36 Credits)
3 Compulsory
9 Elective
2 Seminars
36 Dissertation
For Bachelor Candidates
Plan 2 (Dissertation 48 Credits)
4 Compulsory
24 Elective
3 Seminars
48 Dissertation
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