Paitip Thiravetyan
Biotechnology, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone: (+66)2-470-7535 Office: RD1-A2-05, PDTI
Curriculum Vitae

Research Group

Research Focus

Dr. Paitip Thiravetyan is an Associate Professor of Division of Biotechnology, School of Bioresources and Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. Her past and current research has been focused on treatment of wastewater, soil, air pollution by phytoremediation, bioremediation and adsorption. She is also interested in the field of food industry on decolorization of vegetable oils and sugar syrup.

Selected Publications

Thongtha S., Teamkao, P., Boonapatcharoen, N., Tripetchkul, S., Techkarnjararuk, S. and Thiravetyan, P. (2014) Phosphorus removal from domestic wastewater by Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. and Cyperus alternifolius L., J of Environmental. Management., 137, 54-60 (impact factor 2012 = 3.057).

Sriprapat, W., Suksabye, P., Areephak, S., Klantup, P., Waraha, A., Sawattan, A. and Thiravetyan, P. (2014) Uptake of toluene and ethylbenzene by plants: removal of volatile indoor air contaminants, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 102, 147-151 (impact factor 2012 = 2.203).

Sriprapat, W., Boraphech and Thiravetyan, P. (2014) Factors affecting xylene-contaminated air removal by the ornamental plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21, 2603-2610 (impact factor 2012 = 2.618).

Sriprapat, W. and Thiravetyan, P. (2013) Phytoremediation of BTEX from indoor air by Zamioculcas zamiifoliaWater, Air, & Soil Pollution, 224, 1482  (impact factor 2012 = 1.748).

Treesubsuntorn, C. and Thiravetyan, P. (2012) Removal of benzene from indoor air by Dracaena sanderiana: Effect of wax and stomata, Atmospheric Environment, 57, 317-321 (impact factor 2012 = 3.110).

Suksabye, P. and Thiravetyan, P. (2012) Cr(VI) adsorption from electroplating wastewater by chemically modified coir pith, J. of Environmental Management, 102, 1-8 (impact factor 2012 = 3.057).

Petty Patents

Thiravetyan, P., Nakbanpote, W., Netpradit, S. and Thiraket, P. (2005) Wastewater containing color and/or heavy metals system and process to treatment of wastewater containing color and/or heavy metals ( Petty Patent No. 1887).

Thiravetyan, P., Dolphen, R., Sakkayawong, N. and Nakbanpote, W. (2007) Process of modified chitin by sodium hyperchlorite (Petty Patent No. 4003).

Thiravetyan, P., Leechart, P., Suksabye, P. and Nakbanpote, W. (2009) Process of preparation of coir pith as an adsorbent in cylinder container for treatment of heavy metal from industrial factory (Petty Patent No. 4900).

Thiravetyan, P., Aworn, A. and Nakbanpote, W. (2010) Process of production of activated carbon from corncob (Petty Patent No. 5434).

Thiravetyan, P., Nakbanpote, W. and Dolphen, R. (2013) Process of treatment of cadmium-contaminated soil (Petty Patent No. 8047).